Saturday, March 21, 2009 Carbo Loading Party and stuff

One of the most anticipated and well-attended party of the year, the Carboloading Party! Lots of freebies, plenty of food (help yourself to second serving if you're so inclined), great crowd and familiar faces. Here's putting in a good word for all crew. Jinoe and the rest of the team did a great job organizing this affair, well-done guys! Couldn't ask for more :-)

Well... except for one thing really...

What I was really hoping for in this event was seeing the's gorgeous website models doing an inspirational song-and-dance number, to something like a "Eye of the Tiger" that'll get us pump for the 21K race. That my friends would have been pakking awesome! (Actually, "Total Eclipsed of the Heart" would have more awesomer, but that's just me. And in case you're wondering whatever happen to that banner pic, the admin has since replace it).

Anyways, what we got was pretty boy Mark Nelson gracing the event (but san his dynamic duo, hmmm... you think something going on with those two?) Oh well, can't have them 'em all y'know. Hey Jinoe, next time... maybe...?

On the bright side, my running idol, the man himself, the Baldrunner! was there to give a speech. Boys and girls, when I'm older and wiser 50 years from now, I'd also want to look this cool in a casual body-hugging, hip long-sleeve shirt and jeans. People, this ain't the the grandpa of your Mom and Dad's generation.

Of course, this is same man who stole my date a few weeks ago (yes people, he just happen to ask the same girl out, easy as you please, while I sweat blood to fit in to her schedule). Not that I'm complaining really, since I got the most caring and ever so thoughtful "... let's do it another time gene..." evar!


Yes, my gentle, caring anonymous dear readers, in the perfect world of boy-meets-girl-and-date-happily-ever-after, some poor boy got his heart broken and carved into pieces and dating has never been the same.

Have fun and see you all in the race!

Pics from the party (taken from meekrunner's blog, mucho gracias!)

Finally, meeting the lovely Ms Anna and her better-half plus another fellow runner. Lakay, nu maminsan manin! kita-kits at the race.

Some of the loveliest running wives! Now Craig, if you don't mind, you're in the pic.

With the other runner-bloggers.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pic of Day!

Saw this shop in Pasig near my place. Hmmm, apparently they specialized in seat make-over, I thought it was the funniest hehe. Grammar nazis beware!

So if you have one of those love seats tucked in your bedroom that has seen some serious action and want to jazz it up a bit, you know what to do. And it look likes you could get a could deal too, better check if that leather comes with a whip.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Disney and Ocean Park Trip

So I've got all these witty and insightful blog draft up but never got around to finishing. Yeah, haven't been blogging for a while. Nope I wasn't that super busy, just lazy. Procrastinating, boys and girls, is the bane of a productive man. Luckily, something fun came up last weekend, so consider this my slowly getting-back-to-blogging-world post!

It was my nephew Paolo's 7th birthday. For his birthday present, Mom and Dad brought him and his kid brother to HK to see Disney and Ocean Park. Since I've always wanted to hang-out with all those wickedly cool and ravishing evil step-moms in Disney stories, I tagged along for the ride :-)

Ocean Park was nice but not sure what exactly is the kind of experience will you get out of the visiting the place. The rides are too 'tame', the sea aquarium needs to be 'upsize' to be on the same class as Monterey Bay. And there's an 'different' feel to it, since half of the people visiting there seems to be senior citizens. But the pandas and the dolphins are cute and the view from above is just spectacular! (I think it was in the Lonely Planet's 1001 place to visit). So all in all, it was still nice.

Disney is definitely better if you ask me, the rides were also ho-hum (that's alright, I already had my share of crazy, stupid death-defying rides) but the shows are all world-class! I also got an appreciation how Filipino artist have become so ubiquitous in the Asean entertainment circuit. In some of the show like HS Musical, they got leading role, in some they work on the background. But either way, you can spot them among the cast.

The only bummer is I didn't get to meet any of the super hot evil step-Mom. I've seen plenty of princessess but those are lost cause :-( I mean I'm not prince charming, and no way I could possibly compete with those dwarves that kept the princess warm and fuzzy in those long and lonely nights waiting for their knights to marry them.

So if you're going to HK other than to shop, visit Disney, they got the nicest shows!

Pics or it didn't happen, right? :-)

The whole gang at the harbor.

Paolo and CJ with Mom and Dad at the hotel lobby. Mulan is that you?

Watching an outdoor show.

With my gorgeous sis.

On quest to save the wickedly hot evil step-Mom from the clutches of a clueless and beautifully boring princess.

Yummy! But for HK$120 two-piece, special chicken adobo meal, they'd better be! Or Mickey mouse blood will flow!
Boys and girls, take the time to find the food court.

View from the cable car ride at the Ocean Park. C'est Magnifique!

At the Ocean Park, watching fish turn into fresh tuna, serve hot!

Bruce Li meets Gene Li!

Fireworks at Disney! (still can't get the music out of my head)

Hey, did you know that Hong Kong have the highest luxury/sport car ratio per per capita in the world? You couldn't missed it when you walk in HK. Yeah well... Manila have the highest ratio of Orthodontic braces per capita in the whole world naman if you ask me.

Btw, small world, you know who I bumped into at Disney? It's Dindo, the RunningDATCom with his family. Bro, good to see some familiar faces from the running community :-)