Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hello World! It's A Reboot...

Hallo World!

It's been more than a year since my last post, time to pick it up again.

First off, I'll spare you the long read. Most of my post from here on will be unrelated to running. If you're fellow runner who tagged me in your blogroll, feel free to untag me, no worries, you wouldn't hurt my feelings (well, maybe a just a little :-)).

This post will be my soft adieu to running blog. Will be back one day of course, but in the meantime, moving on to newer stuff.

Now that said, I'll still be posting a few running-related stuff here and there, but I haven't run in half a year, so there isn't much material for me to draw on.

From here on, I'll mostly be blogging random mundane stuff that will probably bore you to tears. Life, girls, cult TV shows Spartacus/Dexter, obscure arcane books by NN Taleb or RA Heinlein, Kim Chiu/Katrina Halili, OSX stuff, anything I find interesting really. Be warned, lots of crazy stuff on my head.

And then of course there is my new-found life philosophy I've recently picked up, which I hope to practice, gradually over time, slow and easy, "10,000-hour rule" and all that Malcolm Gladwell stuff.

And that boys and girls, is what this newly resuscitated blog is going to be all about.

And so, first part out of the way. Here's my second slightly-related post (I meant to post this separately and early on but got lazy so I'll just cross-post a shorter version here).

Here's my belated New Year's Resolution for 2011!
  • Primary Directive for 2011: Practice of Stoicism Philosophy

    Seriously, this is something I'd really give a shot this year.  I picked this up from reading one of  NN Taleb's book.  Although his writings are generally out my league (I have to read his books twice to understand half his points) I'm glad I managed to pick this up.

    For the uninitiated, Stoicism is not an off-shoot of Catholicism, it's not some new religious movement.  Hardly.  Think of it as Zen Buddhism-lite.  Surprisingly, I got hooked after researching it and reading some materials despite being predisposed to a (benign) hedonistic lifestyle.

  • Write. A Lot.

    This is one of the soft-skill I'd like to develop this year, which partly explain why this blog is departing from it's running roots.  If I had to limit my writing to running, I wouldn't be able to write anything.

    Also, rather than writing a long narrative that reads like an essay from a grade school student, I'd like my writing to develop into a more concise, fast-paced and definitely more syntactically and grammatically correct writing.  Hopefully, if I write often enough I'll develop more competency.  Or at least get those pesky pronouns/past/present/future tenses right.

  • Develop some non-trivial Web Applications.

    I've been playing with Google App Engine and Python last year, time to take that up again.

  • Develop some nice, warm and fuzzy romantic relationship.  Actually, friends with benefits should be fine since I'm not really cut out for a mature/responsible long term relationship but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Happy Holidays Everyone!