Sunday, September 7, 2008

People You Meet While Running

Heads-up! Shameless plug below :-)

I was cooling down after my run at the Fort yesterday when this fine old gentleman flag me and said 'Hello'. Normally, I'd be the first to say "morning" or nod if I happen to catch the eye of the other runner before going on with my run. But this gentlemen, for whatever reason walks up to me and very friendly, very nicely said (in Tagalog) "It's a fine day, and looks like you had your good run for today young man". Hehehe, of course I got a kick out of that one. I feel young, yes. I'm young at heart, yes. Boyish perhaps. But middle age and 36 years of age, I'm hardly a young man :-) But bless his heart.

Then we got to talking for a while. It turns out that this fine old gentlemen is a 75 years old retired Captain A. Bajar of Philippine National Police. At 75, Sir Bajar is still strong for his age, full of zest (he did approach a total strange to strike a conversation) and still of sharp mind. We got to talking about running, and how at his age he is diligent with his exercise and other stuff that now escape me. But one thing he was keen to tell me was his house at Bonifacio. He happen to mentioned that he has 237 sqm house and lot with a clean title that he is trying to sell. Since I'm pretty clueless on real states, I just responded with what seem appropriate for the occasion "Good luck Sir! and hope you find buyer for your house". Now if you're wondering if this is some sort of civic service, it is :-)

So if you're curious about Retired Capt A. Bajar, you can contact him at +63 2 881 0312. And if you happen to know this fine gentlemen, tell him I said 'Hello!', hope to bump into him again in the future.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Eraserhead Live!

It's the Eraserhead's Reunion concert at the Fort. In the oft chance you haven't heard of this band, Eraserhead is the iconic Filipino rock band during the 90's (think Beatles). The band that made alternative rock (as in never heard nor cared about music genre) wildly popular and cultural phenom in Manila and the local music scene. This is the band where you would be hard-pressed to find anyone during the 90's who hasn't in one form or another been a fan. This reunion concert have been the most anticipated concert and had they're fans dizzy with expectation. The concert was "The Concert" of year and the 10,000 crowd agreed.

Yeah bebe, the buzz live up to it's expectation! For songs that was so last century, it's still packing it in!

See this pic?

Yeah, that's right, that's my backstage pass at the concert. S-w-e-e-t! For die-hard fans, die harder bebe! Maybe next lifetime :-)

And pray how did I get such a loot? If I told you I'll have to kill you. Hehe, actually it's one of those manna from heaven :-) A friend of mine who shall remain nameless here (to protect the guilty) is a crew for a production company that among other things is the support group for the Eraserhead concert. Being the intrepid runner that I am, I asked for a backstage pass. Imagine my surprise when he said "My good man, come in early at 6pm, meet me backstage and I'll give you your pass". Watta! You mean I don't have to sell my soul to hang out backstage on the hottest concert of the year with most iconic Filipino band in recent memory? Woohoo! I thank my lucky star for whatever good deed I've done lately. And for the benevolent deities smiling upon thee :-)

And so it came to pass... I was rockin' in Eraserhead concert, rubbing elbows and feeling
conio, eating hors d'oeuvre and checking out the chicks at VIP section and singing Toyang, Kailan, Ligaya with Ely, Buddy, Marcus, Raymund and 10,000 people.

Here are the pics!
It was pitch dark backstage, but these guys are wearing shades, rock star talaga!

Whoa! and who's this hot little minx, posing deliciously for the camera? :-)

So you reckon that's about 2-3 meters,
moi away from stage?

Some tepid fireworks at display.

That's how pack it was at the concert and these is only the front section behind VIP area. Hmm... wonder much my free backstage pass would fetch?

Raymund, Buddy, Marcus, sorry to hear about Ely, pero di bale naki-pray over din naman ako during the 1-minute moment of silence.

And to wrap things up, good deed should never go unpunished, I wonder what can I get my friend for getting me that backstage pass?