Sunday, September 7, 2008

People You Meet While Running

Heads-up! Shameless plug below :-)

I was cooling down after my run at the Fort yesterday when this fine old gentleman flag me and said 'Hello'. Normally, I'd be the first to say "morning" or nod if I happen to catch the eye of the other runner before going on with my run. But this gentlemen, for whatever reason walks up to me and very friendly, very nicely said (in Tagalog) "It's a fine day, and looks like you had your good run for today young man". Hehehe, of course I got a kick out of that one. I feel young, yes. I'm young at heart, yes. Boyish perhaps. But middle age and 36 years of age, I'm hardly a young man :-) But bless his heart.

Then we got to talking for a while. It turns out that this fine old gentlemen is a 75 years old retired Captain A. Bajar of Philippine National Police. At 75, Sir Bajar is still strong for his age, full of zest (he did approach a total strange to strike a conversation) and still of sharp mind. We got to talking about running, and how at his age he is diligent with his exercise and other stuff that now escape me. But one thing he was keen to tell me was his house at Bonifacio. He happen to mentioned that he has 237 sqm house and lot with a clean title that he is trying to sell. Since I'm pretty clueless on real states, I just responded with what seem appropriate for the occasion "Good luck Sir! and hope you find buyer for your house". Now if you're wondering if this is some sort of civic service, it is :-)

So if you're curious about Retired Capt A. Bajar, you can contact him at +63 2 881 0312. And if you happen to know this fine gentlemen, tell him I said 'Hello!', hope to bump into him again in the future.


sfrunner said...

Hey Gene. What a great story. The longer you run, the more you'll meet people like Captain Bajar. Hopefully while on vacation, I'll have a chance to run into him and hear his story.

Anyway, always good to hear that things are well with you.

Gene Ordanza said...

Hehe, Wayne you might run him to a heart attack! :-)

Gigi said...

Thanks GENE! I've been looking for a lot that size at The Fort area... Sorry, ahevn't been able to sail yet... I'll let you know asap when I get on the boat. I'll give this Capt. a call in the morning :)

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey Gigi, no worries :-) good luck on the lot at the Fort!

Nora, the golden girl said...

Hey Gene. Will I be meeting you in the KOTR? That is, if I'll be fortunate enough to register. Had sad experiences with the registration. Details in my latest post.

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey Nora! Yeah, I'll definitely be at KOTR! That's gonna be my first 21K. But hadn't registered yet, but I probably should tomorrow. I would really hate to missed.