Monday, October 20, 2008

Gettin Garmin

Mga Kapatid,
(Brothers and sisters in running)

I've been grappling with some hard choices, share naman your love, thoughts and 2 cents.

After my run at Adidas KOTR, I've finally decided to splurge on those GPS gadgets for a well-earned, well-deserved Garmin. My Timex Ironman watch has served me well for the longest time but after my 21K, just doesn't cut it anymore :-( So I've done my Garmin homework, checked specs and the reviews and have narrowed down my choices to either Garmin 305 or 405.

Garmin Forerunner 305 gets the job done for what I need in GPS, namely, track my long distance run, and as importantly, it's within my budget. That said, Garmin 305 is pretty much at the end of it's product life cycle (it's a great product mind you, but in dire need of an upgrade in both form and function). This is a GPS watch that in a year or so would probably sport the 'retro' look (it does now, but hey, it's just me :-)). But since it covers my two major checkpoints, it does make sense to choose to 305.

Garmin Forerunner 405? How the heck do people afford this watch? It's retail price is effin ridiculous! If I ever buy this watch I'd be sorely piss if I don't look suave or gwapo wearing it (hehe kidding!) at very least my running karma should be huge if I ever get this one! Ironshoes mentioned something about 405 acting up when used in the rain, so I can't even use it at the pool like my trusty old Timex. But it does have it's points and this baby absolutely rock! Or as Borat would say, "Beri nice!"

So now I'm in impasse, the wise thing to do is get the 305, no fuss, no muss. Garmin 405? Well, I could try holding up a bank, or go into politics or sell my soul... or just forget about it and just die each day longing, every time some babe with with 405 and great legs in short shorts pass me on the road.

I have to finalize it soon, mga kapatid, 'appreciate it if you can share naman your love, affection, and thoughts on Garmin. Something I could mull over and tossed in my brain while on the run ... if only those ridiculously expensive 405 comes with those gorgeous salesladies, life choices wouldn't be so difficult.


The foreign runner said...

Hi Gene, I saw you are struggling with making a choice between the garmin 305 and 405. I am planning on writing a review later today on my blog giving my experiences with bot. I do have both but the 405 I hardly use as I just prefer the 305. I did do my homework but there was not enough reviews when I bought it. Now I've tried both and still prefer the 305. If you want by tonight you should be able to read my reviews on both watches and I will be honest and hopefully it will help in you buying the correct one for you. I will write about budget and features. Chat again later.

myironshoes said...

Hmmm... so it seems you see the 305 as a need and the 405 as a want? Bulong sa akin ng mga nakakatanda, denying one's self (and one's bratty wants, i suppose) helps build character! hehe. :-) character with a retro watch on the wrist! mabilis ka naman so papasa ka sa seasoned at serious runner look!

Anonymous said...

i say go with the want! because it fulfills both need and want... save up for it na lang :D

- joe

Gene Ordanza said...

Hi foreign runner, thanks for the heads-up! and not a day too soon, I'll be sure to check it out!

Hey ironshoes, never thought of it that way haha!

Joe, you are wise beyond your years hehe :-)

sfrunner said...

Gene, I'll see you soon!

DATC said...

I had the same dilemma as you but I preferred the larger display of the 305 and as a bonus, it's also way cheaper.

The only disadvantage I think of the 305 is the size/weight. On longer runs, the watch rubs against my wrist bone and if it's not fitted too snug, it tends to hurt my wrist. To solve it, I just transferred the unit from my left to my right.

MJ said...

i say go with what you want. i do, personally, hehe. if i don't get what i want, i crave and crave for it afterwards, walang peace of mind. but after getting it naman, i'm motivated to work hard, so it becomes like a win-win thing. i get what i want, and i'm able to give in return my best efforts

cheers! :-)

Nora, the golden girl said...

Now it's official: I will be the only runner left without any hi-tech gadget.

So Gene, what's your final decision?

Share the experience ha.

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey Wayne, see you soon.

DATC, another voice of reason!

Hey MJ, you've just given me my raison d'ĂȘtre if I go for 405!

Nora, give it a few more months, then before you know it, you just gotta have one, hindi ka na makakatulog :-)

highaltitude said...

I just bought GF305 a month ago. There are some problems with that units. However, provides so many solutions for it. As of now, i have a problem in sending/receiving data. The device is detected by the computer, GTC is appear on the screen but couldn't sending/receiving data.

If i had to choose between GF305 or GF405, I go for GF305.

runningshield said...

i have a 205 and 305. only diference in feature is the heart monitor thing. but i prefer the 205 cause of the louder beep sound. Garmin is the best. get it from a local dealer to avail of the waranty

Gene Ordanza said...

Hi RunningShield, would you know where I can find a local dealer? I'll buy the garmin at Amazon but it would be handy if to know where to find local dealer or official distributor in case of repairs. said...

gene, get the GF 305. aside from being a "head-turner" and a "piece of conversation" with other runners, it is a symbol that you are a "hardcore/street warrior" and about to explore higher level of running. this watch separates you from the novice runners. i've been using GF 305 since Feb 2008 and it works perfectly. hey, you have a nice blog & i've known this blog from my personal talks with wayne. keep on writing and running! see you at clark!

Gene Ordanza said...

Thanks for dropping Sir Jovie! Great to finally meet you at the last NB Power Race Clark Yeah, I was definitely considering 305, at the race I notice that the Garmin of choice was definitely the 305. I ordered the 405 a few weeks ago and Wayne kindly courier it for me before the NB race. 'hope to bump into you again!