Monday, June 8, 2009

Mizuno 15K Race - Third Time is the Charm

Third time's the charm for Mizuno. After their last 2 disastrous race, things are finally looking for their race events!

But first off, a few nitpicks:

The race singlet was crappy piece of shirt, a far cry from the stylish and high-quality singlet they gave in previous races. I always associate cool singlets with Mizuno race. I'd even go as far as to say that that huge turnout could be accounted in part by expectation of another cool Mizuno singlets. Oh well, sponsors must be feeling the downturn and had to cut cost somewhere.

Also for the life of me, what's with the distributing singlets at the end of the race? It's not like it's something to die for. You would have thought that it was more logical to hand it out before the race (when you get your bib number). I'm sure they have their wonderful reason for doing it but next time though, it does make more sense to hand out singlets before the race, really, no joke. Some people like wearing the official singlet on race day, you know.

I love running in big races, but honestly, weaving through a huge crowd when got your game on and in the zone kinda spoil the mind-state for me. They had to merge 15k runners on their way back with the other shorter distance runners a few blocks from the Buendia interchange. Result? Well, a lot of the fast walkers in the race kinda constraint the 15k runners who by that time is already enjoying their endorphin shot and running on adrenalin.

Now that said, this is a very good and a well-organized race. Considering how the first two race ended up disastrously for the organizers (whether it was from the lack of water station or chaotic finish line) this race was a joy to run. Kudos to Mr Rudy Bischoco and his team!

I'm sure the guy have his share of horror stories and better-off forgotten races, but it must have been a long time since. All the races I've run that he's handle was nothing but! Even Mr Rudy's quirky habit of starting the race a few minutes early was kinda quaint :-) So sponsors and organizers, if you're having a string of bad luck in your races and you feel that the stars and feng shui are against you or perhaps you just don't want to leave anything to chance on race day, play it safe so to speak, call in the big guns.

Awkward quote of the day:

On my way back at the Buendia flyover, I pass these two pretty young lass chatting in their super-saucy, extra-loud and heavily-accented, collegiala Taglish (good lord! give me strength not pull these girls aside, and give them a well-deserved spanking for wilfully mangling two perfectly good languages). Girls, as cute as you are, drop the tone/accent/speak you acquired from your exclusive and sainted alma mater, I'm sure you wear it as badge of honor but it's pakking irritating.

Anyways, one of the girls suddenly blurted out, "Asan yung bib mo? Are you a bandit?". Heh, you could've heard a pin drop, fortunately for the other girl, she got her wits about, "Oh, they run out of registration for me at the store, I'm just joining you guys for my long run". You go, girl!

And stay classy, bandits!

By my watch, I clocked in 1:27:16 for the 15K run, that's 5.53/km pace for me. Officially though, I got 1:31:59 time. That's 4 mins gap but that's alright, since I came in late and all the runners have taken off when I got to the starting line. (a bit slow but w/o warming up I had to do 8.0/km pace first 3 kms).

After race pics:

While waiting for breakfast...

Yeah! As oily and as fatty as you can please!


Anonymous said...

Haha. Nice observations :-) I enjoyed reading this post

Anonymous said...

Gene, welcome back! I kind of have mixed feelings sometimes on whether to give a singlet out before or after a race but from seeing some photos last year of the singlets, they should have given them out before.

Otherwise, good post. I'm always concerned about merging two races together, especially on the way back. There wasn't a problem with it when I ran the VSO race last November but in big time number races, it could be a headache.

Anyway, take care. I'll e-mail you soon!

Bong said...

Nice post. It's true though that some of our youth are quite obsessed with "status" to the point of mangling the English language. One of my daughters,(they both grew up here) quipped one time while watching two young actresses talk Taglish on the Filipino channel, "they're so maarte, Dad." Enjoy your running. :)

Gene Ordanza said...

Hi Wayne! Thanks for dropping by. Hey you coming back to Manila for another visit? Let me know, so we can plan out your chauffeur service hehe ;-)

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey MJ, Thanks! Hope to bump into at the races!

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey Sir Bong, you should ask your kids to try watching Filipino telenovelas, actors there make it a point to speak straight (if not quaint) Filipino language. :-)

run unlimited said...

Good observations Gene, nice post. I missed you at the race, I ran another 13km afterwards. See you again, we'll be at the UP PTAA race this sunday.

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey Bro, actually I saw you during the race along Buendia on your way back and I think when you went for your post race run. Bro, ang tibay mo talaga! But I did see and chat with Christy though.

Nora, the golden girl said...

Gene, I wonder why we always miss each other during the race??? It's been 2 years since we became "friends" and yet we haven't met!

I'm also one of the many runners who'd like to wear the offical singlet on race day. And yes, I was also expecting a cool Mizuno singlet so you could just imagine my frustration when I got mine after the race.

As for the two girls, I bet they had legs to-die-for, since you overheard their conversation, you must be running very close to them hehe...

Gene, I have a new cel #. Please e-mail me your cel # at I lost my phonebook. I already sent you an e-mail about this but I guess you didn't read it yet.

Are you joining the Robinson's Run this July 12? See you there!

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey Ms Nora, oo nga eh, we always miss each other at the races :-( Hehe, I just pass the two girls on my way back to Buendia flyover, couldn't help but overhear them. Not yet sure about Robinson's Run, di ba kailangan ng partner duon para makasali? kaya I'll probably skip the race :-) I'll send you a note in while.