Wednesday, July 1, 2009 Support Group for the Botak 100K Ultra-Marathon

Prologue: This was way overdue but the month of July was just unbelievably busy. Haven't run in a month, haven't blog in ages, haven't gone out in... don't know when, it's all been work and work and women all month long (hehe, work is for real, women in my dreams :-)) Anyways, I had all these pics stolen-uploaded-tagged already, shame to waste it. So just dusted it a bit, added some nice, unboring, witty comment and voilĂ !, my blog post for the month! (I still have to check out - or steal) some pics from the Milo Marathon event, will try to do that tomorrow.

So... what's the best way to give back to the running community for all those loves and gravy's I've been getting. Yep, you guess it folks, join a support group! So hook-up with folks from and then went to UP last Sunday and do a supporting role for Botak ultra marathon runners. Since I wasn't running, I'll just post some of the pics taken at the event.

Hanging out with gang of runners!

With Vener, the lovely Marga and the alpha runner for 50k Ultra-Marathon run (Bro, I didn't catch your name, but see ya on the races).

"... wish ko lang, sana kasama din ako sa mga ultra-runners... pero di bale, bawi na lang ako sa palakpak at moral support!"

Hmm... I wonder what are we waiting for?

The elite 100K ultra-marathoners (seriously, that's hundred kilometers) .

All eyes on fearless dear leader of gang of runners! Mr. Jinoe!

Congrats bro! Mr. Main Man Luis with proud Dad and his faithful Tito Caloy. And this is a guy who haven't run his first marathon yet but already doing Ultra-Marathon.

At one of the pit-stop (Marikina River) for 100k. Now don't be shy boys, smile for the camera!

Contemplating life and why the pasture is always greener on the other side.

YEAH! dude. Hmm... Bro, you don't happen to be the long-lost brother of coach Rio, do you? My blood just run cold when I think some evil midwife with nefarious plan separated you two at birth. I swear to you, it would be my sworn duty in life to reunite the two of you and check who got the best 'do!

With the Man! The Baldrunner fresh from the States just a few days ago.

So where do you find all those wannabe ultra-marathoner? Why, in booth of course.

Marga honey, don't kill me OK? but love those handle babe :-)

Kudos to the organizer and sponsor for holding this event, you guys are truly deserving of all the good karma's heap upon you for getting this show/event on the road. Hope to see you guys again next year! And hopefully as one of the ultra-runner. Now for some constructive criticism (and I do hope you take it such). For an overwhelming feat of achievement, the finish line moment/s was seriously underwhelming. A little panache, a little more of drama perhaps, or just make it more lively/memorable, would go a long way. But overall, it was good event. A lot of the runners in community truly appreciate the work you guys did, you guys rock!


Nora, the golden girl said...

Hi Gene. Are you back in Manila? How's Cebu?

Hope someday I could also join the support group.

The QCIM is fast approaching Gene. Better catch up with your training.

Gene Ordanza said...

Hi Nora,

'got back from Cebu a few weeks and it was hell! I was clocking in 12-14 hours a day and going home at 1am. Whew! Pero sabi nga nila, all's well that end well.

At this point, I'd have take to beg off from the qcim :-( not enough mileage I'm afraid. But hopefully, first thing next year.

Pero if Jinoe and the rest of the gang setup a support group, I'll probably sign up there. Hehe, kung hindi tayo makakatakbo, support na lang sa mga tatakbo :-)

Nora, the golden girl said...

That is sad news Gene. I know you've been training for the QCIM. Why don't you try? Di ka naman injured tulad ko (details in my blog)

Nora, the golden girl said...

Where art thou Gene? M.I.A. ka na naman!

Gene Ordanza said...

Hi Nora,

Oo nga eh, ksi I've been getting out-of-town assignment kaya kulang sa time mag-blog :-(

Hey, looks like your arm is all healed-up nicely :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Gene. Hope everything's well with you. You haven't changed your blog in five months and I'm back on Wordpress. Take care and we'll see you next year.


Gene Ordanza said...

Hi Wayne!

Yep, been getting out-of-town assignment at work so didn't have enough time to work on my blog. I'll try to update it this week though.

Catch you later man!


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

b2bwayne said...

Hi Gene. I'll be coming back to the Philippines this coming November. I'll let you know some more details soon. Hope everything's well with you. Anyway, please take care. - Wayne

Gene Ordanza said...

Hi Wayne! Nice! Looking forward to your next visit here in Manila.

ibetlacbay said...

kamusta na? long time no hear. hehe