Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dinner out with other runner bloggers

Clockwise: Jaymie (Bullrunner), Dindo (RunningDATcom), Wayne (SFrunner), Doray (Doralicious), yours truly, Erik (Run4Change), Bards (BananaRunning), Jay (Prometheus Cometh)

Clockwise: Marga (Changeling Child) Jaymie (Bullrunner), Dindo (RunningDATcom), Wayne (SFrunner), Doray (Doralicious), Jay (Prometheus Cometh), yours truly, Erik (Run4Change), Bards (BananaRunning)

This was last Monday night, dinner out with Wayne (who's visiting Manila) and other runner bloggers at Centro restaurant in Greenbelt 4. Great time to swap stories with other bloggers, even got to talked to one of the local running scene's icon, The Bullrunner (or at least for the whole 12 seconds for us to say hi and hello's :-)). Except for Bards, first time to meet everyone and like Wayne said, great group of people. Food was also great, except for the vivacious Doralicious and I, everyone kinda restraint themselves from the mouth-watering and sinfully delicious but smokin hot deadly Crispy Pata. Hey Ms Doray, next time extra serving tayo plus sizzling pork at chicharon! No SURRENDER! Matira matibay at walang hypertensions!

Hey Greenbelt is really nice, last time I was there was like 3 or 4 years ago, now I barely recognized the place. It's really setup more like the malls in States and Australia, where it's more open air and outdoorsy. Very saucy, very posh, hardly any traces hoi polloi-ness (definitely not place to rub elbows with tiange at pawisin crowd, I'm super-jologs talaga PERO DI BALE, takbo naman ako bukas sa New Balance 25K race hehe :-) See you there people!


sfrunner said...

Gene...happy that you came. It's a great group of people.

Congratulations on the 25K! I'll see you Monday!

run unltd. said...

Hi Gene, great to meet you at NBClark. See you again soon. Go runnin'..

Johnny Sy said...

Hi Gene,

Great to finally meet you at Clark. Too bad we didn't have much time to get together and talk. Maybe next time. Hope you had a great run at Clark. Ingat.

the meek runner said...

Hi Gene,

i was not able to see you in Clark but i met the SF Runner, i thought you were with him... when will be your next race???

Dorothy said...

Dapat may baon na tayong Xenical next time!!! hehehe :O)

Running Diva said...

Great to meet you at Tanya's place. Send me a copy of the photo you've taken okidoks? Will link your blog with mine.

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey Wayne, it was great evening!

Hi Vener! thanks for dropping by. Same here, great to meet you at the NB race. Hey catch you at the next race!

Hey Johnny, Oo nga sayang, missed opportunity at Clark. 'hope to bump into you again at the races or next dinner out with other bloggers.

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey Annalenemb, sayang nga eh, I was there with Wayne, pakalat-kalat lang, probably waiting-in-line at the picture booth. Next race will probably at Milo na, too soon for the Unicef run.

Hehe Doralicious! Basta pag-dating sa pagkain, no surrender tayo!

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey Roselle! Same here, great meeting you at Tanya's place. Hehe even posted 'our' pic together, hope you don't mind :-) Will send to you kaya lang I don't have your email address (naka-disable ang email registration for my blog para mas madali makapag-post ng comment). Can you post it here? (no worries, I won't publish it)