Saturday, November 29, 2008

#3 Todo Stuff Before Getting Married

[Note: This was mentioned by a couple of readers but haven't really took note of it until now. Apparently, if you're using Windows/Internet Explorer, the pics in my blog only shows up as microscopic thumbnail (you have to squint to see it) as opposed to smaller size picture that are still reasonably viewable. I use Linux/Firefox combo so haven't really notice it. In any case, just point your mouse on the picture and click on it. This should enlarge it. 'hope this helps.]

I've been really slack in posting stuff on my blog. That's because it takes me a while to post a single article. A normal post/article for me takes at least 4 hours. An hour to scribe the idea, an hour to make it into some coherent, readable article, and then at least 2 hours to finalize it (I always get bog down on whether I'm supposed to use "in" instead of "on" or incorrectly using past/present tense, etc). It ain't easy boys and girls. My Ading (Ading is an Ilocano word for younger sibling) keep telling that I should at least proof-read my articles before posting it (unfortunately, critiquing your own work is easier said than done since errors, syntax or otherwise is not as obvious).

Aniweys, I thought I'd post a quickie article that doesn't take too much brain cells. My list of TODO stuff before I tie-the-knot, settle down, and live blissfully ever after and into the wonderful world matrimony and monogamous relationship. Number 3 (but in no particular order) in my list TODO stuff before getting married is rock climbing! Wuhoo!

This was something I was into before I got into running. It's physically and mentally demanding, but serious kickass! After work, I'd hop into my bicycle and head over to Kangaroo Point with a couple of guys at work and hit the rocks and the fräuleins and mademoiselles that hang out at the scene (Hehe, joking :-))

Hey Spidey baby, this is how you do it.

First, No Fear.

Then, look cool.

Then see if you can pull those Asthanga moves from master Yoda teaching yoga.

Is the Force with you?

Yes? No? Just take a deep breath...

Then shout for help. Saklolo!

Hmm... you ok up there junior?

The rock walls (man-made) at Kangaroo Point.

At the local wall climbing gym, but not too often though since it's Besides, wall climbing at the gym is very much like running on treadmills at the gym (a poor second choice).

Hey, tomorrow's going to be the Milo Finals, one the major running events in Manila. I'll be running in 10K category, my recovery run (and my first run since the NB race two weeks ago). See you all there people!


kinderdorf said...

Congratulations Lakay on your decision to get married! I can only wish you the best.

Rock climbing is a very challenging and demanding sport. Definitely not for the fainthearted. One word describes the enthusiasts - AWESOME!

Keep on climbing and see you at the races!

Gene Ordanza said...

Hehe haan pay (not yet) lakay Ipe :-) Agbir-birok pay lang. Baka ad-da am-mo mo nga napintas nga balasang :-)

sfrunner said...

Gene, first off how did you do in the 10K? Many of the blogs are about the Hardcore Runners, Baldrunner and Team Baldrunner.

What's this about tieing the knot? This is a first! You can e-mail me about this if you like.

Take care my friend!

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey Wayne! I guess I did OK at the Milo run. Since it was my first run after the NB race I didn't really push as much and just did it as recovery run. I'll try blog it by tomorrow.

Hehe, not yet tieing the knot :-) I should by now really but not yet, my mantra's "no hurry, no worry". These are just some of the stuff I've ticked off from my list of todo stuff while still single :-) Take care man!

highaltitude said...

Gene, you rock man! i love hanging myself on kernmantel. I miss that for sometimes...

hmm, is that your cross-training? lol...

Jasper Greek Lao Golangco said...

holy crap... dude... ilocano ka? i'm a baguio boy... we may have some mutual friends...

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey highaltitude, thanks man :-) Hehe, my cross-training nowadays is mostly rpm and swimming, not as intense as rock climbing but it'll do I guess.

Hey Jasper! Hehe, I'm what you might call G.I (genuine Ilocano) :-)