Friday, December 5, 2008

32nd Milo Marathon Finals (10Kms)

First some few words: Good luck to all those running in Singapore this Sunday! Go get 'em folks!

As usual, should have done this earlier in the week but didn't so this is post is already getting dated. I'll make it short :-)

First off, I went in to this race to do my recovery run. I haven't run since the New Balance Power Race 2 weeks ago. I tried to a week after, but my knees were still giving me some problems so I thought it prudent to rest it for another week. With plan marathon on February 2009, I'm a bit paranoid on getting waylaid by a training injury. Better slightly under-prepared but a bundle of energy than over train and an injury waiting to happen.

Aniways, almost missed this one, because of late registration on my part. The same lady handling the registration is still in her same agitated self :-) but that's ok Ma'am, with so many people trying to register at the last minute and in our usual Pinoy makulit fashion, I would be too. In any case, the 32nd Milo Marathon is well organized and well handled, kudos to Mr. Rudy Biscocho and his team of organizers. I'll have to chalk this up to my OK race, not as memorable as the last Milo race but still ok.

The plan going into the race was to run slow and steady and let my legs acclimatize back to it's running form. My concern going in was the two weeks of non-running might have some dire impact on my running. During the race I did feel sluggish for the first 5 kilometers but the dull pain in my knees wasn't as noticeable. After 6th kms, hardly notice it. It was a good race, not the most eventful but that's Ok. Well, except for that brief moment of _eliteness_ when the leading marathoner pass me. Hehe, standing on the shoulder of giants so to speak :-) as soon as he was beside me I tried to run with him. The idea was to run with him until the Finish Line and then wave to the adoring crowd, it's evil I know, but that was the plan :-) Or at least until the support crew wise-up and tried to shout discouragement my way. Heh, since the I didn't show the slightest care to whatever they're shouting themselves hoarse, I wonder what they would have done. Ahh... but that was before my knees betrayed me :-( It was 42.2kms run and the lead guy is still doing 4.20ish pace/km and I can only keep up for 600 meters or so... lame ... very ... I know. Dude, I'll race you next lifetime!

It's probably the tail-end of the racing season, I'll see if any of the December races will caught my attention, if not, will probably be my last race for the year. After this race, I'll just take a few days rest then go full blast to marathon training.

By my watch, I clocked the following time:

Distance: 10.26 kms
Time: 1:04:31
Pace: 6:17/km

Here are some of the pics at the race:

With my two posse (left) CJ, the mean-eating Ben 10 and Paolo, the Mystic Force Overdrive Ranger #1

Family pic of my gorgeous Ading, with hubby and two kids.


run unltd. said...

Good luck Gene, the full is at you doorstep. Keep on training, we will do it next.

Gene Ordanza said...

Thanks Vener! Yes, looking forward to running with guys for the full marathon!

Nora, the golden girl said...

Hope by now you're fully recovered Gene.

Wish to see you at the UP ICTUS Run this Sunday! Let's not say goodbye to 2008 without seeing each other . . .

sfrunner said...

Hey Gene. I thought I had post on this one but apparently didn't. Congrats on the 10K. Yes, the 42K is next. I agree with the preparation. Take care and have a good week remaining!

the meek runner said...

Hi Gene,

Congrats... and good luck to your full in 2009... promise me you'll be running side by side with those fast guys next time, kaya mo yan,friend!!!

Anna said...

Surprise, surprise :-)

I come across your blog (internet is indeed a small world).

Glad to see you're happy back home. I link your blog. Feel free to link mine too even if I'm not a runner (more of a 'walker' though).


Gene Ordanza said...

I can't make it to the UP ICTUS on Sunday, kaya kailangan isa yun sa New Year's resolution natin! Deal? :-)

Hey Wayne, Happy Birthday man! You know, you should time your trip to Manila next year at this time, so you could spend your 58th b-day here :-) Keep on running and good luck on all your races!

Hey Annalene, I'll try hehe! There's so many of them among blogger-runner, kailangan matinding practice yan, pero di bale, ma-pursige naman tayo eh :-) Hey, looks like you're moving up in category as well, kelan lang 5k lang, ngayon 10k na, next year/next quarter 15k na!

Hi Anna, thanks for dropping by! Small world talaga :-) Kumusta ba ang barangay Pasaway?