Sunday, January 18, 2009

PSE Bull Run (10K)

First race of the year and almost missed it :-) In my usual jologs fashion, I went to registered at PSE in Ortigas at the last minute (uhm... actually an hour before they close shop). As this is the first race to be held in the metro for this year, you can imagine the pent-up demand for this race (think New Year's Resolution meet first opportunity). At the PSE office, they told me that they've already run out of registration form. Bummer... but never fear they're still accommodating runners who hasn't officially register for the race event. Bless they're heart! For runners who missed out the registration, they can still join the PSE Fun Run but sans any bib/singlets/office race time. Ok na rin yun.

So after over a month of slacking off, I'm running my first race of the year. The PSE Bull Run. The race was held at The Fort, a favorite among race organizers. The route used for the 10K run was an old and familiar nemesis of mine, the slopping terrain of McKinley Hills. The weather perfect for running and everyone at the starting line was in festive mood.

At the race, I started slow at 8.20 pace (that's practically crawling) for first two kilometers, then gradually pick speed to catch up with main body. For my next few races (and non-major races) I'll stick to this routine. The idea being to finish a slow/strong race (albeit slower than my usual race time) but recuperate faster. A normal race for me where I try to push it will take me 3 to 4 days to recuperate before I can hit the road again (I'm getting old, I know). But with this strategy I can hit the pool or gym/rpm the next day and run the day after and dispense with 3 to 4 days of rest. Good, no?

By my watch, I finished 1:00:12 for the 10K run at 6.04 pace. Also, by my watch 10K distance was 9.91km but what's a few meters between friends :-)

There's a couple of constructive criticism to be said about this race, but it wouldn't be my place to say so considering that they let me run for free and not be an ignominious bandit. So I'll leave the constructive criticism to others far more articulate than I and those that shelled out their money to join the race. Though I'd like to emphasize some of the good things they did at this race.

1. A separate Fun Run with no entry fee in parallel with the real PSE Bull Run (running in the same route). Now this is fairly new among the races I've joined. Normally, you'd be considered as a running bandit if you didn't pay for the registration fee, so the Fun Run but san any bib/singlet/official time, is definitely a good thing.

Just a few thoughts though. First, bear in mind that the vast majority of runners in race events are more than happy to pay for the registration fee, considering how very reasonable the registration fees are. _BUT_ what's reasonable to others might not be for others who's economic prospect is not as fortunate. It was a fluke that I got to run in the unofficial PSE Bull Run, it was ok but I'm not keen for a repeat in future races. I like the bib, having my name in the finisher list (even some of the tacky singlet) too much :-) Though it would be a great gesture from race organizers if they could implement something similar.

Kudos to the PSE Bull Run organizer for having this option!

2. Professional entertainers at the stage after the race. Far too often they have race organizers also acting as the entertainers, uhm... yeah. At PSE, they had this one dude name Lucas, he was at the stage working the crowd and then belting out some tacky Pinoy jingles. At first, I thought his comedy spiel was grating to the nerves, so it took me a while to warm up to the guy and realize that ... it's a jolog brother! Definitely in the mold of my old idol. The most awesome of awesome... Ang kilabot ng mga kababaihan Filipina... April Boy Regino! The Man! Anyways, the point being, leave serious entertainment to those who hone their craft :-)

Over all, there were some valid concerns that should be address by the organizer, that said, I'm fan of the sponsors/organizers of this race for their great gesture of lettings runner who weren't able to register to still run (unofficially) at the race. May your tribe thrive! Kudos to the folks that push this "public service", looking forward to next year's PSE Bull Run!

No pic for this race yet, I didn't have my camera with me but couple of the guys there did, so what's a jologs to do? Hehe, why ask of them of course :-) So as soon as Wilbert or Gigi post their race recap, I'll ask them.

... and so I've ask! Shout out to Wilbert and Gigi for letting me swipe their pics. Danke! :-)

Clockwise: Vener, Sir Ipe, Bobby, Gene, Jay (hidden), Wilbert's back. After-race at the Finish line.

Clockwise: That's me, Jay, Gigi, Bobby, Sir Ipe, Wilbert. Breakfast at Mcdo.


run unltd. said...

Nice meeting you at the race Gene, congrats on your run. It was a great run indeed, but unfortunately we missed the breakfast. Till then, Bro!

Running Diva said...

I didn't know you were there. Good recap of your experience with the bull run. I still have yet to finalize my recap for this. Man, maintaining a blog is somewhat extra load. :)

Bro J said...

Hi Gene, congrats on your run! Hope to see next time. Di tayo nagkita sa PSE.

the meek runner said...

Hi Gene,

congrats on your great run (free of charge pa)!!!

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey Vener, oo nga sayang you miss the breakfast. Pero di bale, next race Bro!

Hi Roselle, hehe, you're right, maintaining a blog is lot of work. Buti na lang kamo motivational din kaya kahit papaano may perks din :-)

Hey Bro J, thanks! oo nga eh, dami din ksi tao. Patok yung race events kaya dagsaan mga tao. See you at the next race Bro J!

Hi Anna! Hehe, naka-libre tayo duon sa PSE Run kaya puro positive yun write-ups :-) Hey, you're getting stronger as a runner, keep it up!

Nora, the golden girl said...

Ano ba naman yan, Gene! I was with Vener, Gigi and Wilbert after the race, whom you saw but we didn't see each other??? That's really odd.

Wow! Only 1 hour for 10K! Congrats Gene.

Are you joining the Happy Run? Please make sure you pay the registration fee this time to benefit the Taguig school OK?

And Gene, please include in your new year's resolution to wake up early for the race para naman magkita na tayo noh?

Do send me your landline or celfone # para ako na ang gigising sa yo when race day comes.

My email add:

sfrunner said...

Congrats on the 10K Gene. Sorry I'm late with this post. I've missed a lot of blogs on this one and am catching up.

Take care and have a good upcoming weekend!

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey Nora, oo nga eh. Ewan ko ba, tuwing may race, somehow we always missed each other. Science talaga, plano ko pa naman na sabay tayo tumakbo first kilometer. Hehe, will do, will send it to you now.

Thanks Wayne! Looks like you've been a very busy man :-)

sundaywarrior said...

Hi Gene, actually I'm not much of a techie, I just asked Dingdong(RunMD) to help me start my blog and that's the reason why I don't have that many posts, magulo yung ayos e because of the pics anyway If I'm not busy I'll try to customise my blog and it's not on stealth ha. See you on Sunday!

bobby said...

hey gene,

it was nice seeing you again bro, see you at the happy run. di na ko bandit hehehe...

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey Bobby! hehe oo nga bro, hindi hiyang sa atin maging bandits sa race eh :-)

highaltitude said...

great run!
[but i missed it]