Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Checkout my Marathon shoes!

Boys and girls, check out my new running shoes for my mythical marathon run in October! Yeah baby, fame and glory awaits!

Now of course, if I had been steadfast and persevere in my training I would have been running in Milo marathon by now. But as is the case, life happens, and that boys and girls, is how we roll.

Btw, here's putting in a good word for the folks at Runnr shop at Bonifacio High St (BHS). I was there last Sunday when I saw their video-gait analysis treadmill and thought I'd rock up to the place and ask if they can do one for me. They did, and very thoroughly at that. So now I know I'm running close to how the Etheopians does it. Naks naman!

After that I made some cursory comments on one of the 'light' shoes I've been considering and wasn't really expecting a response beyond a light-hearted "This sir is stability shoes, we highly recommend it". So imagine my surprise when I suddenly found myself in discussion on the technical merits of this particular shoes and why he strongly recommend that I consider the two other shoes with similar features and attributes _based_ from his own experience of trying them on. Whoa... that gentle boys and gentle men is kind of advice you're looking for when buying shoes. Color me impress to find folks at the store who know their stuff.

Now, I'm dense... Normally I don't feel the slightest compunction or guilt going into some swanky shop, wasting time or needling staff, or just trying everything on display and then leaving the store without getting anything. As long as I can afford it, of course, and make it a vague point to come back when I do need it (confidence, kiddos, has to be rooted in something, otherwise you're just being obnoxious customer :-)). But this one of one of few time I felt bad not getting anything from a shop, simply because I had great time talking to their staff and their pre-sales service. But I did tell them upfront though, and this guy Jessie I was talking to, was still paragon of an exemplary customer service.

So folks, next time you need a running shoes, check out their shop. You almost always want someone more experience and technical advising you on those not-so-cheap technical shoes without the baggage of being employed to promote one brand selection.

I didn't get the shoes at their store because they had 10% off at the NB shop at the Shang mall. I'm cheap, pero over five hundred box din yun, abah, laki din yun. But on my next shoes, I will.

Update 2009-06-22: Caught a nasty cold (nope, not that one) so had to skip training for a few days and had to take some medicine for quicker recovery. bummer.


run unlimited said...

Get well soon Gene. Got to be back at work para ma break-in na ang bagong nb. Astig! Good to see you last saturday.

Gene Ordanza said...

Thanks Vener! Same here, great to catch up with you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gene. Those look like either the 1224s or the 1063s. Let me know. Sounds like you got a good deal either way.

Take care of your cold. We'll talk soon!

Bro J said...

Great shoes you've got! I'm sure you'll have a great time running with those pair of shoes! Get well soon!

Gene Ordanza said...

Hi Wayne, yep that's a 1063. Actually, what I was really looking for was a 903, based from all reviews I've read, that shoes is turning out to be classic

Thanks Bro J! I feel better already and just inching to go out for a run but I reckon I'll give it one or two more days rest, just to be sure.

Gingerbreadman said...

Nice shoes Gene :) Good luck with your training and I hope you get well soon, weather's been very iffy lately. Don't force it though, we have a propensity to go out way earlier than we're supposed to haha runner's itch :)


Gene Ordanza said...

Thanks Gingerman! Yeah, every time the sun's up, I'm just about ready to put on my shoes and go out and run, but yeah better to rest and be fully recover than rue it.

Argonaut said...

Hey Gene! Never thought that you're already running that long... and it seems that you're present in every races that I've joined... Galing!

Gene Ordanza said...

Yo Argo! hehe imagine that :-) but looks like we'll be bumping into each other a lot at the takbo.ph!

Nora, the golden girl said...

Kakainggit naman. Favorite brand ko pa! Eh di lalo ka ng bibilis ngayon, Gene.

Are you joining Run for Home? Extended ang registration until July 14 at Fitness First and Globe centers. Hope to see you there!

Gene Ordanza said...

Hi Nora! yep, will be in Run for Home, busy at work so been ages since I last joined a races. See there Nora!

Nora, the golden girl said...

Finally! Magkikita na rin tayo, Gene. See yah!


Ey, ey! Barracuda is back! :D Gene during the Milo Mara you were really awesome with your support to us runners. Yabang a! Bagong shoes! Burger! :D I'm sure you'll do well in your marathon. When I saw you at Rockefeller last time you didn't change ... not a bit. Same Gene whom I saw at the NB Power Race. :D (compliment 'yan!)

Gene Ordanza said...

Thanks Roselle! Yeah, that was some really awesome support group there. I had a great being part of it!

If you can't run your marathon yet, best place to be is in support group, I had rockin' great time there!

workaholicrunner said...

Did I read your post right? 500 pesos was a 10% discount. So the price was 5,000 pesos? That is a bit more than $100.

If you are ever in the US, pass by a New balance outlet store. I have purchased NB shoes ranging from $20 to $60 in outlet stores.

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