Saturday, August 2, 2008

#2 Todo stuff before getting married

Most people have a done a list or two of thing they want to accomplish before they pass certain milestone (ie. before hitting their 30s, before getting married, etc). Well, I did mine a few years back, made a list of stuff I'd like to do before settling down. So for posterity, I thought I'd post them here or at least those that I've manage to cross-out from my list :-)

In no particular order, here's the second in the series of my personal todo stuff before getting married: Climb a mountain! Go back to nature and plant a tree (hehe, the planting I have yet to do :-))

This was at Mt Beerwah and back there they call it bushwalking. The difficulty grade was "Class 5" which is basically mountain climbing with some rock climbing. Climb on friends!

The guys I climbed with.

The view from afar.

Definitely not for newbies.

Climbing up!

And it's sweet at the top!

Hanging-on on dear life on my way down!

[I've rename my entry from last 11th July as that one was also in one of my todo stuff]

On another note, tomorrow is the marathon event of the year, the Milo Marathon. It's been raining the whole week and the weather forecast for tomorrow is yet another gloomy day :-( but no way I gonna miss this run!

Good luck to all runners, have fun and see you all at the race!


sfrunner said...

Gene, how did you do at Milo? - Wayne

pcso lotto result said...

This topic have a tendency to become boring but with your creativeness its great.

Gene Ordanza said...

Hi Wayne, loved it! I was just too tied up to blog it.

pcso lotto, thanks for visiting and the comment too.

myironshoes said...

hmmm...makes me wonder. if you have a list with 'getting married' as the deadline, does this mean that you are looking forward to it with glee..or with dread? haha! ;-)

and as for the milo also tops my list of those truly fun ones!

Gene Ordanza said...

Hi ironshoes, life is good so in no hurry to settle down hehe. And I do look forward to it, just not anytime soon though :-)

Yeah and can you imagine how a show stopper like rain on race day, make it a fun and memorable day for everyone. Milo's karma is good :-)