Sunday, August 17, 2008

Men's Health 10,000Km Miracle Run

As far as registration fees goes, this is one of the more expensive races at Php 350.00. But I'm a sucker for a good cause and this one is for the benefit of GMA Kapuso Foundation. And it's always good to know that your running is helping in some small ways. Good karma na, pogi points pa.

But other than that, no drama really . The race was well organized as can be expected (as well as it should be and come to think of it, this is the second consecutive well-organized races, hmm organizers getting more organize?). A number of of race marshal at different juncture, plenty of water and Gatorade along the route, the sun is out which is always good (much as I had great time running in the rain at Milo event, twice is too much already). It was held at The Fort, which seems to be a favorite venue among race organizers. And the route for the race was the well-trodden route I used on my Saturday run.

As for turnout, it's quite decent I suppose (I was in front jostling for position so I didn't get a good look at the crowd of runners). Since a couple of races was held today, one at UP and one at Markina, it probably explain why it wasn't a blockbuster race event.

Minor pet peeve:
- No free parking :-( there was plenty of wide space, grassy field and road space around the race area, but guards are asking drivers to use pay parking.
- People wasting resources (ie. Gatorade) just because there's plenty to go around. When getting freebies, the least you could do is finish half of it. Don't sip and throw, that's bad manners (so ok, this is not a minor pet peeve :-))

Race bonus points: Plenty of eye-candies at the race. Most of the chika-babes crowd seems to have favored this race which is a bit surprising, I thought they'd all troop to Takbo Bayani run, girl power and all about that sexist faux pas by the organizer of excluding female runners in 21K event.

And the highlight of race event? After a long, hard race a photo ops with Sen Pia Cayetano! Man, she is the bomb! Saw her at the starting line but wasn't sure. And she probably put on her face sun block a tad too much, she was glistening even before the race started (I'm gawking I know, but I was star-struck :-)). Saw her again at the finish line, I clocked at 0:52:00 and was few seconds ahead of her (I ate dust at the last Mizuno race). I was gonna ask her kung pede pa-picture. Kaya lang na-shy talaga ako, pero nilakasan ko ang loob ko, sabi ko sa sarili ko what will Manny Pacquio do? At saka, naalala ko rin na maganda linya ng mga bituin kagabi, at may bagong buwan pa nuong makalawa oh makatlo. Kaya sabi ko nalang hala bira, bahala na! At ayun, pinagpala naman.

And here's the obligatory after-race picture:

"Sige pre, sama ka narin picture."

Claim to fame! with Sen. Pia Cayetano.

Posing at the finish line, si Manong naman nag-excuse na nga, ayaw pa rin tumabi :-)

See you all on the next race, Adidas Run for Love 10Km run.


sfrunner said...

Hey Gene, congratulations on another good 10K. Good post and awesome photos, especially with Sen Pie Cateyano. You look like you're in great shape!

Gene Ordanza said...

Thanks sfrunner! All those running have been good to me!

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Mr Ordanza,
Where can I register for the Adidas Run for Love 10Km run? Thanks (",)

Gene Ordanza said...

Thanks for dropping by anonymous :-) Details hasn't been posted yet for the Adidas Run. I usually check them out at the Adidas store (Megamall) on weekends but their staff has not been informed yet.

myironshoes said...

Mr. Ordanza, since you seem to have opened a window for Adidas Run inquiries.. ;-) kindly let us know naman once this run is a definite go. My friends and I are thinking of signing up for it too. But all seems very quiet at the adidas front...
Oh, and great run!you definitely had the better 'scenery' last weekend!

ading said...

kuya, you finally got the picture with the dream dream on ;D

Gene Ordanza said...

Ironshoes, sure but I reckon you guys had a 'richer' experience :-) hehe

For the Adidas run, yep, pagka-nakuha ko yung details I'll post it here.

Nora, the golden girl said...

Wow! Celebrity na ang Gene! Inggit ako. Do you know, my first run was supposedly the PIA RUN last March 9,2008 but my daughter got sick kaya na postpone ang 1st Run ko.
Congrats for a great 10k Run.

Gene Ordanza said...

Now it can be told... through our shared passion in running, naging super close kami ni Sen Pia haha :-)

Nora, dapat sali lang sali. Btw, did you run at Takbo Bayani or UP last Sunday?

Nora, the golden girl said...

I wish I could run a race every week, Gene. Due to the pressing demands of my multi-level roles, I can only join once a month. But I try to my best to be consistent in my 10k training. See you next time.

manokan said...

Hi Gene, Adidas KOTR daw will be on Oct 19. you can visit also for updates on that. Im also looking forward to this event.

I was also at the Miracle Run. Hope to see you in the next races.

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey manokan, thanks for the heads-up! Checking out now for more info.