Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Very Special Love (review)

Hey, before I forget, just gotta rave this funniest movie I've seen.

Last weekend, we're supposed to see "Don't Mess With Zohan" but apparently they're no longer showing it at the theaters so we ended up watching Pinoy chick-flick instead. "A Very Special Love" featuring Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz. Woohoo!

The short story of it is that there this cheeky executive PA (Sarah) and this mean, heartless and over-bearing big boss (Lloyd). In the course of their working together, they fell in love. And that's the best I can describe it. This movie was the usual cheesy Pinoy chick-flick movie, just heck funnier than usual.

I haven't really seen any of Sarah's movies or shows but this one, LOVED it! She's funny, bubbly and endearing and so kikay, you cannot not love her in this one. She's not ├╝ber-babe that can grace FHM (she's really more like your sister) but her sheer verve and funny antics more than made up for it. I was just laughing loud!

And you gotta check out the rain dance routine, that is probably the coolest dance routine of the year. If that doesn't crack you up, you're a robot (go buy an emotion at 7-11).

Of course, there was a couple of mushy-mushy scenes like where the lead guy John Lloyd was belting out some love song under pouring rain (get this: it was pouring rain but it doesn't seem to touch him). But I suppose, it can't be help, it is a romantic comedy.

So dear readers, if you're at the mall this weekend and wanna go easy on those gimiks, check it out, it's a great date movie. A bit cheesy as most Pinoy movies are but fresh and rib-tickling funny, you'll have fun watching it.

Too bad we don't have Filipino subtitled movies here, otherwise I would bring the SFrunner when he comes over to visit Manila. That's as Pinoy experience as eating balot!

Hehe, deep down in my heart, super jologs talaga ko :-)


sfrunner said...

Hey Gene, you never know. I may pick up the language quicker than you think. (hehehe) Take care and have a good weekend!

jillrayearth said...

cheesy and corny. haha i loved it too. and as always, john lloyd never fails in emotional scenes.

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey sfrunner, I'm sure we'll have you speaking in tagalog before you know it hahaha!

Hi jillrayearth, thanks for dropping by! Yeah, Sarah was a natural for that role.

Jasper Greek Lao Golangco said...

greetings, gene! stumbled upon your comment on one of blog's movie reviews again... just thought if i could have your permission to include your blog in my link list? thanks!

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey Jasper! sure you can. Actually, I've also been meaning to ask you if I can include yours on my blog as well, just never got around to it :-)

Jasper Greek Lao Golangco said...

would be more than honored to be a part of your blog roll, sir! posting your url in mine...
Thanks, Gene!