Monday, August 4, 2008

32nd Milo (Manila) Elimination Race: Best Run

I love this race. And of all the races I've run, this is by far the most fun and memorable I've had and it was just so good.

It's been raining the whole the week, and it was raining this morning when we drove to Luneta. But that didn't dampen the spirit (well perhaps it did, but just a little bit :-), and there's festive mood in the air even with the gloomy weather. It's also by far the biggest run event I've joined, estimated to be around 16,000 runners. The rain stop when we got there but started pouring again before the race.

But no matter, off we run when the gun went off. Everyone enthusiasm was such that there was carefree and back-when-were-still-kids feel to the race that everyone enjoyed. Sense of camaraderie with fellow runners everywhere. Running in the rain for nearly an hour was one of the most exhilarating and refreshing thing I've done lately

Yes, it was good day and it was a good run :-)

And now for some obligatory pics.

At 5:45am, it was still dark and gloomy and the again started to drizzle but all runners are psyched up and no care in the world.

Putting on my Patella (kneecap) brace support before the race. I started wearing one since it help me on longer runs.

See that sign that say 10K? Yep, finishing strong at 0:50:43.

Horsing around after crossing the finish line.

Yep, you see it right. No shoes, it was soaking wet after the race so I had to take it off. Walking barefoot at the event and loved it!

Students at AMA school.

With my two posse, Paolo and CJ, they weren't able to run at the Milo event :-(


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Nora del Rosario said...

Your time is awesome, Gene! 50:43 for 10k is truly remarkable. I will be starting my 10k training soon but my goal won't be the time. At my age, I will be very happy if I reach the 10k finish line without pain and injury. I was quite sad that I didn't catch you and the other runner bloggers at the race. Hopefully next time.

lonerunner said...

Congrats bro!... Didnt join due to rains... I decided to go back to sleep. :)

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey Nora, thanks! Remember, better to take slow and easy training and live to tell about it :-) rather than kickass training that show immediate result but leave you prone to injuries.

Yeah, same here, I was hoping to catch up with you at the race. If you're going to the Men's Health race, I'll see you there!

Hey lonerunner, you missed a good race but there's always the next time!

sfrunner said...

Gene, awesome recap and congratulations on the 10K.

The last photo....priceless! Take care.