Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good Run But Finish Line Suck

The highly anticipated Rush to Infinity Run was held last Sunday. It was supposed to be redux of the Infinity run last March.

First, the pet peeve. Putting it diplomatically, the Finish Line part of the race was a messy affair. It was disorganized and poorly executed. Apparently, the race organizer didn't anticipate how many runners from different class (5K/10K/15K) would converge at the finish line. It wasn't so bad for first time runners, but for more experience runners there were heaps of vitriols being hurled around and plenty of negative vibes making rounds.

After the race, I went to nearby FF gym for a quick shower. I was talking to a guy who felt ripped off by whole thing, we were discussing how the event was well organized for most part but because fiasco at the finish line, the experience turn sour for everyone and left a bad taste.

On the other hand, mistakes do happen and there are such things as Murphy's law that virtually guarantee it to occur in worst possible way. But Mr. Rio (the guy responsible for the organizing the event) did manned up for that ignominious affair, and publicly apologize. I'd say he's one courageous fellow. I guess he can chuck it up to experience, I'm sure he'll be a better organizer for it. He'll just have to wait for the whole thing to blow over :-)

That said, the race event was actually good (if you discount the fiasco at the finish line). There was a huge turnout, which is always good, the route for the race was also nice (not as scenic as the route from the Men's Health race), race marshals at critical junctures, plenty of water stations. Even the weather was perfect, overcast sky that provided cool and shade to the runners. Added bonus, plenty of fine-looking women and eye candies (check out the pic below!) at the race. Kudos still goes Mr. Rio and other sponsor for the mostly well-organized event.

And of course before I forget the highlight of my running career so far; moi was running beside and slightly behind our good Senator, Pia Cayetano. How is cool is that! Initially, I was only aware of the tenacious lady runner ahead, she with the colorful and girlie outfit (pink shoes, pink short, pink/white top, pink visor, pink shade) until onlookers started saying "Hey, that's Senator Pia Cayetano". She run so daintily, I swear she couldn't be a triathlete (she is though). And I'm proud to say that I was able to keep pace for the first 12Kms before she finally pulled ahead. Shucks. And I still didn't catch her after the race, so there goes my photo shoot with her, next time...

My personal time was 1:25:37. Pretty decent I think since it's my first 15K run. Another pet peeve was how the race organizers bludgeoned my official time to 1:42:18... oh well.

Overall, I would still say that it was good race despite bloopers at the end. And you can't really let details affect your whole mood. I'm quite the happy runner and would be glad to run again at the next Mizuno run event.

Next race: La Salle Running Festival (16Kms)

Eye candies at the race :-) if only they included them in the prizes, would have been plenty of record-breaking run. How the heck could the organizers be so remiss.

Lucky to be (accidentally) posing with some the gorgeous runners at the race, hehe, wish I could one take home.


lonerunner said...

owwww.. another bad race from Mizuno??? what happened on the finish line? what is the fiasco?-lonerunner

Gene Ordanza said...

Opps, missed the details.

At the finish line, you have to line up (like 25 meters long) to hand over your race tag (that is if you're even aware beforehand that you're supposed to line up rather than just cross the finish line). Kinda anticlimactic after a good long run and took out the umpf! out of a great event.