Friday, July 25, 2008

Average Pinoy runner-blogger

You average Pinoy runner blogger is bourgeois :-) Readers, this post might seem a tactless and might not even be in good taste, and if it's in any way offensive, feel free to ping me and I'll drop this post (I might be clueless but I try not be a crass as well :-)

That said, here it is: I was reading a post called "Turning 36" from blogger DATC. Initially my impression on the comments section was that most Pinoy male runner are in their 30's (and older) and likely to be more married than single. (I could be off-mark of course, it could be that those male runners who's still in their 20's or younger are not into blogs).

But while running this morning, it got me thinking on similar note; what is an average Pinoy runner-blogger? Thinking of all the blogs I've read, I had a what seems to be a startling conclusion (which again could be off-mark). If you based it on Pinoy runner-blogger community, running seems to be a bourgeois sport. In countries like US, where vast majority of people are middle class this would be normal. In Philippines, this might have a negative connotation.

Consider this (something I've glean from various blogs and very much subjective):

- Almost all runner bloggers are working professionals. It is also quite common for them to be well off. The few who are unemployed can easily afford to be unemployed (by familial association they're also well-to-do). Perhaps I'm not looking hard enough, but you couldn't find any kanto boys who's blogging their running.

- Most runner (remember that these are just blog impressions and in no way accurate) are well-traveled lot. A popular theme among bloggers (after running) are places the they've traveled either abroad or the local touristy spot. And Boracay is so passé (joking :-))

- Shoes. Most runner purchase mid-range or high-end shoes, not because they're more slick or stylish (although, they're those things) but because you get more value for your money (try using inexpensive, low-price rubber shoes 3x a week, and see how far you'll get). And how is this so bourgeois? Well, in itself they're already expensive but relative to what an average worker earns? They're prohibitive (and we're not even talking about ipod, garmin and other shiny baubles here).

- They're generally tech-savvy (they're blogging :-)) Also, a person who blog is very likely to own a computer. Except for owning car, nothing says more about middle-class than having a computer and Internet access.

Think of it: If you're in any specialty shoe store and buying a basketball shoes, what are the odds that the salesperson also play basketball? If you're buying a running shoes, what are the odds that the salesperson is into running? Fair to say that some sport are masa and some are not?


sfrunner said...

Hello Gene. Being it's your blog, if you feel that there will be a response...good.

I've read your blog since last month and personally, I've enjoyed what you've been writing. The other runner bloggers have good blogs as well with styles that might be a little different variety. Nothing wrong with's good to have a mix.

On Monday, I'll have a blog entry that is of a situation that bothered me before and after this past Sunday's 10K. You were mentioning the word "bourgeois." This was more than that. Please check it out. Take care.

highaltitude said...

thanks for paving the way on this particular observation, very well =)

commenting your message on my blog, i participated in TNF 20k trail run in Nasugbu and most of the runners who join the event didn't use trail running. they just have the spirit to run and they finish the race =)

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey sfrunner, highaltitude, thanks for dropping by.

Highaltitude, I guess there goes my excuse :-)

myironshoes said...

Interesting observations,Gene! So, do you always multi-task when running? Such deep thoughts... I never quite get beyond food!;-) Haha! I agree with SFrunner, it's your blog, your voice. Nothing wrong with having an opinion. Especially when its an interesting one.

The Fit Mommy said...

Hi Gene, running is the most inexpensive sport there is and the most universal. Anyone can do it - anywhere.

It just seemed to cater the middle and above middle class because running is becoming a worldwide phenomenon (may it be road, train, etc..) And because of the ease giving and getting information in the internet highway.

However, I do agree with you that a runner-blogger. Is in the middle class or even in the upper middle class. I would be a hypocrite if I don't agree with this - being a runner-blogger myself.

Just my two cents.

Gene Ordanza said...

Myironshoes, deep thoughts... only when I need to think of something else other than breakfast haha :-)

Fitmommy, thanks!

workaholicrunner said...

Marathons in the US try to get demographic information about you when registering online. One of the interesting questions is usually household income. I once read that the average household income of runners in the New York City marathon is over $100,000. I wish I can remember where I read it.

According to the Cool Runnings website, here are runners demographics from Runners World:

College educated - 93%
College graduate - 74% versus US average of somewhere in the 25-30%
Median household income - $113,000
Median household net worth - $500,000

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey workaholicrunner, given the higher cost of living standards in NYC, would $100K still be bracketed under upper middle-class?

workaholicrunner said...

Household income statistics are tricky because you don't know exactly how many earners make up the amount. It could be one, two, or even more earners within the household.

New York is such an aberrattion compared to the rest of America when it comes to standard of living. $100,000 *individual* income in New York city is definitely not upper middle class. In most of the rest of the country, that would put you firmly in the upper middle class level in my opinion. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Washington DC may be exceptions.

Perhaps in New York, upper middle class starts at $200,000. Of course, living in Manhattan versus living a few miles away in New Jersey can make a significant difference in cost of housing (which is typically the single biggest expense of an individual after taxes).

Having said that, in my observation being "middle class" or "upper middle class" seems to be a state of mind.

workaholicrunner said...

Here is my theory about the running bourgeoisie.

Consistent running requires a committment in time. If you are working class or someone with a very modest income, a lot of your time and energy is probably spent on trying to make a living for you and your family. Compared to the running bourgeoisie, you are probably working in a very physically intensive occupation as opposed to an occupation that requires more armchair analytics. Once you get home, you are probably busy running your household (cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids, etc.) compared to the running bourgeoisie who can probably afford to outsource these household chores. Thus you do not have a lot of surplus time.

In order to blog, you also need consistent access to a computer and an internet connection. This may be difficult if you are just eking out a living in order to feed your family. The last thing on your mind is to spend hours blogging to your virtual friends.

Gene Ordanza said...

> Having said that, in my observation being "middle class" or "upper middle class" seems to be a state of mind.

Hey workaholic, not necessarily disagreeing with you but you can argue that upper middle class trappings such driving that SUVs or a nice 4 bedroom house in the suburb or even just opting for Mac laptop (when Dell ones cost half) would be more than state of mind :-) I think what you probably meant is that in US the difference between middle and upper class isn't as pronounce as in Philippines.

>Compared to the running bourgeoisie, you are probably working in a very physically intensive occupation as opposed to an occupation that requires more armchair analytics.

Hehe, yep delicately put but spot on :-)

Natalie said...

Interesting to know.

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