Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One La Salle Run

This is mostly ranting, so reader beware.

The La Salle Run was held last Sunday at The Fort. The runners was estimated to be over 5000 strong, so it's by far the biggest run event I participated in for this year. As with other run events, there was Fiesta atmosphere at the area. Everyone happy and

Now, I have to tell you, a week prior to the event, I only had one run all throughout. I also had to go to two Olympic Village store to find a registration form (16K was sold out at the first store, and almost missed the last one at second store, that's how popular races are becoming). A few days before the event, I had a slight fever so my body's aching all over and my knees felt like jelly. And the weather was just sporadic the whole week, sunny half the day, rainy the other half. So all told, it kinda took away my enthusiasm and I wasn't as gung-ho or fervent to run last Sunday.

But like a real trooper, come race day I was there, pump and ready for action. Then right before the announcer can say "ready-get-set-go", it drizzled and pour. Hai, yai yay. But still, off I run. But the mood is now more downbeat, less spirited and none of the usual rah-rah of my previous runs.

The race organization for me was fine. Of course, some of the event details could be improved on like putting more marshall but since I was running in the middle of the pack, it wasn't a biggie for me, I just followed the runners ahead. This is my 4th race of the year, so expectation is something I've learned to tone-down.

Perhaps, the two real bummers for me was taking shelter during the downpour not so much because of the rain but because I was thinking of my running shoes and how I'll ruined it in this rain (already thrashed a good pair in my last MensHealth trail run, hate to see another one get wasted) Thinking of it now, that was just so lame :-( Then I also had to walk for quite a stretch. I wasn't prepared for the race and felt it early in the race.

By my watch, I clocked 1:43:23 for the 16K.

Also, suggestion to organizers/sponsors: Perhaps it might be better to give runner a small cup at the water station. Giving bottled water might seem generous and convenient but seeing runners throw bottled water still half-full after only a few drinks is just a waste.

Here's my obligatory pose at the Start/Finish line (the after-race-wet-look :-)) May not have enjoyed the greater part of the race but still felt like a He-man crossing the Finish line.

Next run - Milo Elimination (21K)

Trivia: Did you know that most security guards at The Fort (or those not on duty during races) participate in the run events?


manokan said...

My first time to drop by your blog. :D Is Milo having a 21K event too? I thought it is just 5K/10K/42K. I would go for a 21K if there's one.

sfrunner said...

Hey Gene, not only are you a trooper but a warrior in my book!

You took part despite not being at 100%. Good points about the run, especially bottled water on the course when it could be cups.

Interesting about the security guards...some of the security guards in the building where I work need a run or two!

lonerunner said...

Gene, r u at the fort this morning? I ran earlier and i think I saw u. :)

Gene Ordanza said...

Manokan, you're right. I double-check the details/entry form and it looks like the 21K is only for Provincial Races no such run for Metro Manila Races. Shucks :-(

SFrunner thanks! you comments really make my day!

Lonerunner, yep I was at the Fort this morning so that's most likely me you saw, you should've holler lonerunner "Hey Gene!" :-)

sfrunner said...

Gene, the security guards I was talking about work at a store next door to where I work.

About a month ago, a pregnant lady stole a pair of shoes from the store and four security guards chased her for three blocks. Because of the guards' smoking habits, they gave up the chase.

An off duty officer saw what happened and stopped her before getting on a bus.

When I saw this, I recommended to the store that I could help get these people into shape. As of today, the store hasn't accepted my offer! - Wayne

lonerunner said...

bro, next time. di kasi ako sure knina e. heheh

TheFitMommy said...

Hi Gene! Thanks for dropping by. I'm sorry you didn't have a great experience with the "milo lady". Maybe, it just wasn't her day???

What's your plan for the Milo eliminations? Are you running it in one of the nearby provinces then?

Gene Ordanza said...

SFrunner, not sure whether that's funny or sad. Don't get me wrong, stealing is bad but pregnant woman outrunning out-of-shape security guards, hehe, I thought that was straight out of comic strip or something.

And Wayne, if they didn't accept your offer, it's their loss.

Gene Ordanza said...

Hi FitMommy,

Hehe probably but I don't mind, if I were in her shoes, and manning the booth on a nice Sunday morning (when I could be running), I'll probably be antsy as well :-)

Yeah, I'd like to run the 21K but too much hassle to drive out of town for a run.

Hehe, you know that 'thefitmommy' title might be a lot to live up to :-)

See you at the race!

sfrunner said...

Gene, it was actually both. A co-worker and I didn't know what was really going on as we watched the developments from inside the store.
In fact, one of her relatives that was in the area was shocked of the developments.

Fortunately, the store got their items back and justice was served!

TheFitMommy said...

Hi Gene, I'm doing my best to live up to my blogname: "The Fit Mommy"... I just ran for 4 days straight. I think I need to rest tomorrow. :)