Friday, July 4, 2008

Running with Mizuno Run Club

When I went to register for the Mizuno Run a few weeks back, the staff at the store told that me they also have a running club that meets every other Thursday, and to come and check it out. And so I did last night. It was good.

They got a good mix of runners there, plenty of beginners, serious runners and runners in-between. Probably 20-30 people there, good crowd. They also provide free Rush water drink. The main guy (didn't catch his name) had the group running 5 half loops around Bonifacio High Street. For the more serious runner, it's the whole block. Tried to pace with these guys but sort of fell behind after the second full loop. After that I sorta took it easy, it's supposed to be my recovery run from last Sunday, after all.

One of the more popular blogger in the local running scene was there. I was going to say hi, fanboy and all, but got cold feet (she look gorgeous in person :-) so just played it cool and look surreptitiously here and there. But I did chat with a couple of the veteran runners there.

Hey, you know what's the word is on the street... the second placer Annie (forgot her surname and her name wasn't in 15k_Female_Results.pdf I've downloaded) was in good stead to be first place in the 15K race division but was overtaken by the eventual first place finisher down the stretch. Rumor mill was a buzz that there was 'short cut' taken which accounted for the fresh legs in the last few kms. There was plenty of the veteran runners who was vouching that they run with Annie all through out the course and was quite surprise by a runner coming out of nowhere to overtake. Oh well, you know rumors, juicy stuff and high on entertainment value, but really counterproductive :-)


sfrunner said...

Gene, great blog you have. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog.

It's nice that the area has a run club a couple of times of month. Also, having it after work is a good way of meeting people and also relieving stress after a long day at work.

Good luck with your upcoming races. - Wayne

lonerunner said...

The "main" guy is Ige lopez. Since u know I dont stretch medyo left-out ako sa strecthing sessions. heheh... nun mga early months ng Mizuno run club I used to join.

highaltitude said...

how to register for mizuno run club?

Gene Ordanza said...

Thanks sfrunner!

Hey lonerunner, you know, you really should do those stretches :-) Better to extend those muscles early on than to pull those hammy later on.

Hi highaltitude, thanks for visiting. Just drop by in front of Mizuno store at Bonifacio High Steet, the staff are friendly and accommodating. Just a quick registration and you're good to go.