Sunday, July 20, 2008

Web Analytics

Two weeks ago I thought I'd setup web analytics for my blog. Like most new bloggers, I was curious to see if my blog is connecting. Google fan boy that I am, I used their web analytics service. It hasn't been integrated yet to but it's still a breeze to setup.

So after two weeks, here are the raw numbers: I had a total of 166 visits and an average of 11.07 visit per day. Woot! Woot! Hehe, I'm shallow, I know :-)

So what does google analytics tell me about those 166 visits? Some of the data are quite interesting. (visits are not hits, remember raw 'hits' or stats are misleading, ie. objects in your blog like pictures/movies also generate separate hits but are all collated into a single web hit counter so visits are always less than raw hits).

- Most of my visitors are from Philippines, no surprise there. But quite number of them are from abroad. Some came from California (ie. Sacramento, SF, others... thanks SFrunner) and some from other Asean countries. But it was surprise to see that my blog reach as far as Euro even Czech Republic, Australia, and Russia. My own little space in the whole wide world of Internet and people finding it :-)

- 75.30% of my audience are returning visitor! Yahoo! Imagine that, people came back and I didn't bore them to death.

- Tech Profile: 50% of my visitors uses Window/Internet Explorer combo, no surprise there. But number of readers also uses Linux/Firefox setup, tech-savvy guys (slight emphasis on guys, since it's a pretty rare to find girls who's into Linux and other OS stuff). 11.45% uses Mac OSX/Safari combo (hehe, people with money to burn :-)) A small percentage uses Mac OSX/Firefox and other OS (ie. BSD, Unix). I used Fedora 8 so rock on!

- Some of the traffic I generate came from search engines. Apparently, if you google Baracuda Adidas, one of the hits you'd get is my blog.

Thank you dear readers, for a new blogger like myself, it's a blast to know that my blogging somehow connected with other people! And that it strike the right chord among different people (hehe, I'm over-reacting of course :-) but that's how I'd like think about it)

Yep, it's blast to blog things you're crazy about and I can't think a of better way to keep myself motivated. I hope you join me in my blog and together we can enjoy the wonderful world of running.

And to steal line from lonerunner, run on friends!


sfrunner said...

Gene, being in California, I'm 15 hours behind the Philippines. Usually, I check in two to three times a day because of the time difference.

You would be amazed how in San Francisco, only four people know who I am and two of them work in my store. Much of my traffic is abroad (Philippines and Japan). I don't mind though. The word (not from me) will get out soon enough!

Gene Ordanza said...


Considering that you're becoming an icon here in the local running scene, yeah that would surprising.

DATC said...

Hi Gene, I want to try out adsense too. I've a question: how do I get the tracking code into my wordpress blog? Thanks

Nora del Rosario said...

Yes, Gene. I'd love to join you in your blog and enjoy our common passion--running!

Gene Ordanza said...

Hi DATC, I haven't tried wordpress yet, but let me check it out and will get back to you.

Thanks Nora!