Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tiktabo Run

Run with my nephews last Sunday at Tiktabko at UP. Being the great uncle that I am :-) I've been introducing them to the sport with great results. When I brought them to my first run at the Market! Market! Fun Run, they've been quite taken and excited, asking me unceasingly "Tito Gene, when will we run in marathon?".

So for a few weeks now, they been practicing their run. It always make me smile seeing them run a few blocks from the house and after which proudly declare themselves the fastest and strongest marathon runner ever!

Last Sunday was their first stab at running races. We went there early, made sure we're registered for the 2K event, did our warm-up and stretching, and line up at starting line. At get go, Paolo went off like a bullet and run beautifully for first 300-400 meters, his arms swinging like I taught him to, looking confidently ahead, his stride, sure, long and wide. Watch out world, here comes young Pheidippides. CJ were the same but had problems with his shoes early on and so couldn't finish the race :-(

Paolo (right) and CJ (left) with Mom and Dad

All dress up and rarin to go! Paolo got that flexing bicep posture from the mysterious Zorro :-)

With irascible Zorro :-)

Also, I needed to take my spanking new top-of-the-line Adidas adiStar Cushion 6 I bought few weeks ago for a test run. Wasn't really planning to buy a new pair but for a 40% promo discount it was a steal... I'm weak I know.

Anyways, the shoes fit snugly at the store when I tried it so didn't bother to go outside to do a quick trot. Very very bad indeed :-( When buying a new running shoes (and this I only research today grrh!) you're suppose to make allowance for some toe space at the tip of your shoes. Otherwise, it makes for uncomfortable running and blister to boot!

It's been a few week since, so I can't return it now. Arrgh! there goes my 40% discount. I could just kick myself.


sfrunner said...

Gene, great recap and photos. If I could say it......awesome!

Gene Ordanza said...

Thanks sfrunner!